DIY Thieves beard balm for him with free downloadable graphic

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A perfect gift for all those bearded guys in your life. With this easy to make DIY thieves beard balm, they will continue having the clean facial hair that you love!

With so much time at home, my husband has taken a break from shaving his beard. Thieves Beard Balm is the perfect remedy. And the cute graphic? Don't worry about making it yourself - I have included a free graphic to share with all the bearded friends you know.

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is a deep leave-in conditioner, but instead of your split ends, it's applied to your facial hair and assists in softening and styling your beard. Most beard balms contain butter (shea or cocoa), a nourishing oil, and beeswax.

I formulated this beard balm using all of the above, plus my favorite tool: essential oils! Thieves is an essential oil blend made of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon. This fascinating essential oil blend has a nonfeminine scent that smells amazing and has antimicrobial properties. Therefore, I felt the thieves blend was the perfect addition to the beard balm.

Thieves essential oil is a warming blend thanks to cinnamon and clove. It is well diluted in the wax and oils in this recipe, but be a good friend and make sure to ask your friends and loved ones to do a spot test to be sure their skin reacts well to this balm.

A functional gift and tool

Does anyone else find it extremely challenging to find an appropriate, functional gift for their husband? Every time a gift-giving opportunity is on the horizon, I start to wrack my brain about what my husband would like and use. If you're finding this post around Valentine day, fathers day or Christmas - read on! This is such a thoughtful gift that's also useful in so many ways.

Science-backed self-care

Many of us have had tremendous amounts of pressure added by school closures and uncertain futures. I have been creating some things for our home and for our family to help ease the feelings of uncertainty by creating tools that help us feel "pampered." I've been catching up on rest, doing many face masks and deep conditioners, and I can imagine many are doing the same.

During this time (this post was written circa March 2020, two weeks after the world closed down), we all really need to take care of ourselves.

I am always making little self-care balms for myself, but it's time I made something for my hubby! Here's why this recipe is the best.

The synergistic effects of theives blend:

Thieves is a powerful tool we love to diffuse in the air. After reviewing this study, I started using thieves daily as it's been proven to be highly effective in removing undesirable microbes in the air. Thieves is thought to:

  • help support the immune system
  • have an antimicrobial activity
  • fight sinus congestion
  • promotee respiratory and cardiovascular health
  • provide an uplifting environment


Where can I find thieves?

From me! There are so many knock-off blends of the OG thieves blend. I tried several before I found Young Living. I'll never forget when my dear friend Leah dropped a bottle off and I was BLOWN AWAY by the difference in quality. I was instantly hooked and have been using Young Living oils for our family ever since. Read here if you want to learn more.

Can you add other oils to DIY Thieves beard balm?

Of course, fellow oilers ! Cedarwood or sandalwood would compliment this beard balm nicely! Get creative. Cedarwood is particularly good for our hair, so I often add a drop or two to hair care recipes. You're the boss.


Sharing oils with the men in our lives isn't so easy, am I right?

If you love to share your oils, why not share them with men too?! Make them a sample, and send it along with this free image! I found these mini tins on Amazon and thought they would be perfect! You're welcome to save this image and print it as a 4x6 image from your quality print shop.


Recommended ingredients and tools for DIY Thieves beard balm

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PS. There is no better time to start using nondisposable razors. I have been using mine for over a year and love it. Aside from food, there isn't much we need to worry about running out of! This is the one I use and am very pleased.

Peace + love,

xo Sarah

thieves beard balm

thieves beard balm

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes


  • 4 tablespoon shea butter
  • 4 tablespoon almond oil
  • 2 tablespoon Beeswax pellets
  • 20 drops thieves essential oil blend
  • 10 ml jar


  1. Melt all ingredients (except essential oils) in a double boiler over a small saucepan
  2. Once completely melted, turn off heat and add your essential oils. Mix well.
  3. Transfer to your jar or jars.
  4. Allow beard balm to come to room temperature or cool in the fridge (at least one hour)
  5. Enjoy!

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