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Hey friends! Just sharing some love with ya today. Many of us are still wondering if we will get to (or even want to) take our vacations this year. These blends are inspired by our favorite summer memories outside of the home. I adore a good herb + citronella blend which reminds me of the patio on a summer evening. But these take me away to the seashore. Enjoy these bright and sunny blends.

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Wishing you warm, sunny days and a positive outlook today.

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Beach House//

Stress Away + Copaiba + Grapefruit


Cedarwood + Frankincense + Cypress

Lemonade In The Garden //

Stress Away + Bergamont + Lemon

Sandcastle //

Grapefruit + Copaiba + Sandalwood

Summer Blossom //

Jasmin + Frankincense + Cypress


Grapefruit + Lime + Juniper


Lemongrass + Orange + Peppermint

Vitamin Sea//

Sandalwood + Lime + Lemon Myrtle

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