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Salvia Officinalis is a member of the mint family. Sage is a common culinary herb, with the leaf used to make medicine. There are many species of sage. If you have a bottle of sage essential oil, try these sage diffuser blends, or blend your own! Learn about the science and the art of creating your own pleasing essential oil blends.



Sage grows abundantly in my yard. It's the first plant you see when you walk through our door. I am so thankful we planted sage early after moving into our home in Tunisia. It smells so fragrant and is so convenient to walk outside with my shears and take a bunch for cooking and in our tea. If you're curious about growing your own sage at home, this post is extremely useful!

Where do I find sage essential oil for my sage diffuser blends?


Salvia officinalis from the Ladiatae family is also known as Garden Sage and True Sage. Sage is an perennial herb of the mint family. The Latin word salvare means 'heal' or 'save’. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that it imparted wisdom, thus its name; and through the Middle Ages, it continued to be used for memory loss. Our family uses sage essential oil from Young Living. Sage essential oil emits a strong, spicy, clarifying, and uplifting aroma when diffused. It has been used traditionally for its clarifying properties. Sage is an aphrodisiac, which pairs well with minty and woodsy oils. If you're curious about why we use this brand of oil read more here. 

One of the most exciting practices for those just starting with essential oils, is the practice of synergistically blending oils to be carried out aromatically. And just wait til you find out that combining them can enhance their therapeutic purposes. 

When you start to familiarize yourself with your oils and develop an affinity for certain plants, you will begin to identify and appreciate their scent family (floral, herbaceous, woodsy) as well the way in which they make you feel. For example, lavender tends to be calming, and lime tends to be energizing. I experience this when I use herbs internally in their whole plant form as well. 

Using a systematic and highly reflective process, the skills and understanding required to create a balanced, harmonious, and pleasant blends can be developed and refined over time. However, if you're a newbie to oils - use this guide to help understand what to put together.

The science and art of blending essential oils

I am sharing my favorite essential oil blends with sage, highly herbaceous oil with so many benefits. 

All of these blends can be considered Aphrodisiac, stimulating, and uplifting. In the winter months, which we're currently in, I am in a hibernation mood and need help from my oils to feel my best. In the summer, I just adore bringing the scents of the garden inside. Whether you're crafting for aesthetic or purpose, you're going to have fun.

How do I store my blend?

Once your perfect blend has been created, it is time to seal and label your glass bottle, place it in a cool, dark place. Some individuals prefer to store their blends inside a refrigerator.

By doing allow your oils to sit and settle in this environment, you allow the constituents of each oil to interact in a synergistic way. The final aroma may even transform a bit.

The proper storage of your blend is important to ensure it lasts longer and does not degrade due to The best way to store pure essential oil blends is in an amber or cobalt-blue dark glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid to avoid ultraviolet light or heat, and kept away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. 

My favorite sage diffuser blends are:

Inward retreat.

Diffuse during your morning journal + meditation ritual

3 drops sage

2 drops patchouli

3 drops frankincense

1 drop grapefruit



Lucid dreaming.

Did you know certain sounds and plants can promote deeper sleep? Prior to moving abroad, I worked in sleep research and enjoy this topic very much. Enjoy this blend and sleep more restfully.

3 drops sage

2 drops frankincense

3 drops lavender

1 drop rutavala



When you need a little extra headspace.

3 drops sage

2 drops lemongrass

1 drop spearmint

1 drop bergamot


Wild branches.

Inspired by the poem by Mary Oliver.

3 drops sage

2 drops black pepper

2 drops northern lights black spruce


Why I wake early

A blend to rise + shine to.

3 drops sage

3 drops citrus fresh

2 drops eucalyptus


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