Rose essential oil diffuser blends - diffuser blends and graphics by recipes and rituals

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Rosa × damascena

If you have a bottle of rose essential oil, try these rose diffuser blends, or blend your own! Learn about the science and the art of creating your own pleasing essential oil blends. And enjoy these beautiful tried and true blends from our home apothecary.

Here in Tunisia, I am blessed with several rose bushes. You may be able to see my love for roses, as I share them constantly in my posts and photos. There are numerous species of rose, and rose damascena is prized for it's highly fragrant flowers. We have a Damascena bush In our yard, and I was fascinated to learn that Tunisia used to produce much of the world's fragrant flower oil.

Damascena roses are used in cooking as a flavoring ingredient or spice. They are an ingredient in the Moroccan spice mixture denominated "ras el hanout". Rose water is readily available and used in many treats. We value our roses here in north Africa. It was only natural I'd fall in love with rose oil as well.

Where do I find rose essential oil for my rose diffuser blends?


Rose essential oil—the product of one of the most recognizable and culturally significant flowers in the world—has a rich, intoxicating aroma that’s as beautiful as the bloom itself. Rose oil is distilled to gently release the delicate flower’s oil through steam. Because each 5 ml bottle requires 22 pounds of rose petals, Rose is one of the most valuable essential oils you can acquire. Our family purchases all of our essential oils from Young Living. If you’re curious about why we choose and trust this brand of oil read more here. 

Whether you're well seasoned or just starting with oils

One of the most exciting practices for those just starting with essential oils, is the practice of synergistically blending oils to be carried out aromatically. And just wait til you find out that combining them can enhance their therapeutic purposes. 

When you start to familiarize yourself with your oils and develop an affinity for certain plants, you will begin to identify and appreciate their scent family (floral, herbaceous, woodsy) as well the way in which they make you feel. For example, lavender tends to be calming, and lime tends to be energizing. Rose essential oil pairs well with spicy, citrus, and woody scented oils.

Using a systematic and highly reflective process, the skills and understanding required to create a balanced, harmonious, and pleasant blends can be developed and refined over time. However, if you’re a newbie to oils – use this guide to help understand what to put together.

The science and art of blending essential oils

I am sharing my favorite essential oil blends with rose, a sweet and gentle floral scent I will never get tired of.

All of these blends can be considered aphrodisiac, calming, and inspiring. Whether you’re crafting for aesthetic or purpose, you’re going to have fun.

How do I store my blend?

Once your perfect blend has been created, it is time to seal and label your glass bottle, place it in a cool, dark place. Some individuals prefer to store their blends inside a refrigerator.

By doing allow your oils to sit and settle in this environment, you allow the constituents of each oil to interact in a synergistic way. The final aroma may even transform a bit.

The proper storage of your blend is important to ensure it lasts longer and does not degrade due to The best way to store pure essential oil blends is in an amber or cobalt-blue dark glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid to avoid ultraviolet light or heat, and kept away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. 

The beautiful blends 


Sweet pink rose

A blend to capture the incredibly beautiful, sweet delectable scent of rose petals. This blend is soft and soothing. I gift this blend to mamas to be of little girls. It's floral and feminine.

4 drops rose

2 drops geranium

2 drops grapefruit

1 drop sara

Crémé de la crémé

Crémé de la crémé is a phrase that means "best of the best". This blend includes some of the most sought after oils and creates a scent a lush and lux environment. For the most special moments. It's happiness in a bottle.

3 drops rose

3 drops neroli

2 drops valor

1 drop vanilla


Rose Garden

Beauty, sweetness, sas. Inspired by memories of sweet afternoons in Bern's Rose garden in Switzerland. A most beloved place. A combination of rose with fresh cut grass, citrus and herbs in one dreamy blend you will never get enough of. 

3 drops rose

2 drops clarity

1 drop rosemary

1 drop bergamot

Rose + babies breath

Invites a sense of calm and relaxation for parents and children.

4 drops rose

2 drosp gentle baby

2 drops lavender



rose diffuser blends

Rose for your woes

When your being needs a hug and a little emotional support from mama nature.

4 drops rose

2 drops melissa

2 drops lemon

1 drop ylang ylang

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