Printable Halloween scavenger hunt free download

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Hi friends!

Very sadly, our small community is not able to participate in any Halloween activities like trick or treating or trunk or treating. I wanted to keep Halloween extra special at home. Halloween 2020 is downright weird.

To try and keep it simple and fun, I put together this Printable Halloween scavenger hunt free download with some items we would normally find outside, and that our two year old could easily identify. In addition to a scavenger hunt, we will be doing an Easter egg hunt, starting a fire and telling scary ghost stories, enjoying some Homemade naturally sweetened spiced apple cider, setting the tone with some spooky Halloween diffuser blends, and of course - dressing up.


The hunt is on...

In addition to our simple scavenger hunt, we will also do a "Halloween egg hunt" with exciting Halloween candies in easter eggs, as well as dinosaur eggs for our son PJ, and hatchimal eggs for my daughter Payton. This is a little over the top and more than we would normally do, but we really want them to enjoy a day that would normally be spent with friends. It breaks my heart. So the minimalist in me will let our kids do a strange little Halloween egg hunt in addition to their sweet scavenger hunt. Do you have anything similar planned? Hopefully now you at least have a scavenger hunt to keep your kids occupied.

Our kids will be a dressing up as crocodile and vampire this year! What are you and your kids dressing up as? Are you able to participate in trick or treating in your area? 

Grab the free download and happy hunting! If you plan to print and use this Printable Halloween scavenger hunt free download let me know in the comments.