New Years diffuser blends and graphic download

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I can't wait to give 2021 a warm welcome with these beautiful, good mood inspired New Years diffuser blends! Give them a try and download my free graphics to share with your community below.



A fun uplifting blend sure to make you feel bubbly!


For seriously good days ahead!


For a clear, focused mind to set your intentions


A bold and minty blend for fresh beginnings


Bold, fun, flirty, all the things I want to come out of the new year!

As always, all of our essential oils come from Young Living! Head to this page to read about why!

About the graphics

While these graphics are still in the post, when you download and share them, they will have fireworks or bokeh coming out of the diffuser. SO FUN! I also included the images without animation in the download.

Ethical sharing tips

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I wish I didn't have to say this, but please do not remove my watermark. If you ever wish to post any of my content without the watermark, just contact me. I will sell you the set inexpensively to share. But, it's unethical to crop or edit my art. I hope this helps you understand how to properly share content by content creators. We work hard and pay money to create content, which we then offer for free to you! 🙂




Do you want me to create a special story just for you? Contact me to discuss!



Looking for more diffuser blends? I have a page of free graphics here for you!