essential oil winter perfume recipe

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Did you know you could make your own seasonal perfume? So this season, try this beautiful nontoxic essential oil winter perfume!


Perfume is a great gift

Oh perfume, you’re so fun. Remember when you used to walk through Macy’s and spray the perfume on the little pieces of cardboard, smelling them all, enjoying their bottles? I used to love perfume. It was always something I'd ask for as a gift. The ornate bottles. Using every last drop. I am SO happy I discovered how to create a perfume that is not only nontoxic but therapeutic! A wonderful goal for the new year is to kick toxic artificial fragrance to the curb. In some places, it's tricky to know it lingers. But perfume? The first thing to go. Fortunately, you wont miss it. You can create your favorite scents naturally.


At this point, I love to make a beautiful perfume blend for each season. That's why I created an essential oil winter perfume.

You can actually benefit from wearing a gorgeous signature blend, instead of being harmed by lab-created scents. You can authentically wear the scent of real flowers, and enjoy the high vibes and abundance that nature provides. Subtle bio-energy flows through all living things and can be measured in hertz. And pure plant extracts from essential oils from rose can measure as much as 5x higher than her sister plants, like basil and peppermint. But, either way, when we use real plant extracts, we benefit from their gifts! My new hobby is formulating perfume from my essential oils. 100 % nontoxic, gorgeous scents from the gifts of nature. I have some beautiful vintage-inspired bottles, rollers, and even this beautiful crystal bottle I'll never get enough of. Truth be told, essential oils are even more fun for the accessories.

Why we avoid artificial fragrance?

I know, I know. You don’t want to give up your perfume and don’t want to hear it. I was SO there. And since removing the artificial fragrance from my life, I promise you will be disgusted by heavy fake fragrance soon. When I walk into an office and all I can smell is perfume, all I want to do is run away. 

Phthalates in artificial fragrance have been shown to disrupt the delicate endocrine system, reduce sperm count, cause reproductive malformation, and have been linked to cancer. Additionally, studies by the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center, link fetal exposure with autism, ADHD, and neurological disorders. Source. When I read about these dangers of fragrance I could never bring myself to buy another product that had fragrance again.

And it’s not just perfume

Once I learned that just about everything I was purchasing from the store had artificial fragrance added to it, I started doing more research. It turns out the majority of personal care and cleaning products contain toxins you want to avoid too. These ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream directly through the skin. Everyone needs to do their best to avoid it. Read here how we cut ourselves off from these products with ease! There are so many beautiful ways to start removing toxins from your home and life. Common places you will find artificial fragrance are in just about every product used for cleaning and hygiene. Your lotions, your shampoo, your body wash, your soap, your face mask, your face wash, your surface cleaner - it is everywhere. 

It doesn't need to be overwhelming

When I found out how many products I had to replace to avoid artificial fragrance, it could have been overwhelming. Fortunately, I became a member of Young Living. With over 600 safe, non toxic items for our homes, I can pick what our family wants with ease each month and have it delivered to our door. I no longer have to get a headache just walking down those toxic cleaning and hygiene aisles in the grocery store. Some of our absolute favorite swaps are our copiaba hair shampoo, valor bar soap, mint face mask, and of course - essential oils so I can make my own safe perfume.

The possibilities are endless! You don't need to stop at seasonal perfume. Here are wellness blends from the Premium starter kit, complete with premade cards that are perfect for gifting for Christmas, and if you want to see my all time favorite perfume blends I've made with my Young Living essential oils, head to this post.

The bottle is important

You can choose adorable little glass bottles that are super affordable to gift your favorite homemade perfume, or choose a really special one like mine! With a gorgeous crystal bottle and a safe essential oil winter perfume, you are showing your loved ones you really care about their wellbeing. I love to get my perfume bottles from Whimsy and wellness!

I got the gorgeous crystal perfume bottle from them. You can also find a beautiful constellation and zodiac rollers, and our favorite selection for kids.

What’s inside?

For perfume in a bottle that sprays, I like to use vodka as my base. The alcohol will carry the scent of the oils. 

For perfume that I put directly onto my skin, I like to dilute with organic prickly pear or jojoba oil.

The essentials:

10 drops of northern lights black spruce • 6 drops thieves • 3 drops tangerine • 2 drops peppermint • 2 drops vanilla

The scent hits all of the natural notes of the season without being overwhelming. It's earthy, inspiring, and crisp.

Our family uses Young Living essential oils for so many reasons. If you'd like to read more on why we choose and trust Young Living, head to this page.

Or contact me below. I'll give you my honest opinion and experience.


I know if you make one of these perfumes you will fall in love with the scent and the process just like I did. I linked some pretty perfume bottles for you to make the experience even more fun! These make PERFECT gifts. Add a little info on the essential oils used to describe their benefits to your loved ones. 

If you make one of these blends, please tag me on Instagram at #recipesandrituals so I can share your beautiful creations!


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Peace, love + essential oils!