Download link for the free Tropic Flora Young Living welcome kit!

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Are you ready to get really intentional with your Young Living business? Enjoy this free welcome packet, instagram stories and more! Download link below


It's time to grow + gain trust within your community, and build momentum online with a clear, cohesive brand image.

Your story and your brand image are equally as important. In the year 2020 we are bombarded with content. And if you want to grow this year, you have to consistently share engaging + aesthetically pleasing marketing that demands attention.
Tropic Flora was designed with all of this in mind. Inside is intentional, informative content for your Young Living business and social media pages, so that you can show up and tell your story while being informative with grace and ease.
The design is on trend with warm + welcoming pinks, muted pastels, watercolor graphics, blush florals and billowing monstera leaves. This story signals feelings of calm, but its imagery suggests fun + abundance with its gold-rimmed frames and sacred geometry. It combines aesthetic with valuable information, beauty + brains. Inside this brand package comes:
  1. Welcome prints with information, recipes and blends + PDF for a warm, inclusive, informative welcome to your community.
  2. Sample prints with some recipes included, so you can send your goodies with extra beauty.
  3. 28 Instagram highlight icons.
  4. Interactive, engaging Instagram stories.

Take a look at what's inside:

The welcome prints | magazine

a warm welcome.jpg

reduced 4.jpg

reduced 1.jpg

reduced 3.jpg


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happy mail cards!

Send samples with style. Tropic Flora contains 13 digital images with dreamy roller recipes to send along with your happy mail! Ningxia and thieves sample card is also included.

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The new member cards

new member card.jpg


The instagram content

I encourage you to stop and take a look at our mockup Instagram page and get into our stories, as many are animated. Click on the highlight icons to view the story. Watch them all the way through to gain inspiration for adding interactive question boxes so that you can connect + chat with your viewers. You want them to get in your DM. Make the experience of learning about young living fun, informative and interactive!

Click on the phone to head to our Instagram page.


The instagram story content

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There is no way around it, in 2020 if you want to grow your social media accounts, you need to post consistently. If you want to stand out, you no longer only need beautiful images, you also need to share them nearly every day (daily is best) and curate them in a pleasing, cohesive way. You need content that can stand on their own as followers scroll through their feed. You also need images that can coexist in a beautiful way, that demands a follow when someone clicks on your profile.


If you like my work and brand design, but are hoping to attract a different market, or have a specific niche - please contact me. 

Have any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact me! I'd love to connect.

If you plan to use this branding kit, check out this instagram growth checklist with lots of helpful tips!


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