DIY probiotic gummy bear recipe

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A simple, fun and healthy homemade diy probiotic gummy bear recipe that's delicious, 100% natural, and good for your gut and immune system.

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When it comes to candy, I have always been more of a chocolate loving gal, and would prefer a rich and creamy truffle over a sweet and sugar coated candy. In a movie theatre, I would most definitely opt for a snow caps or junior mints in favor or Swedish fish or sour patch kids. That is, until I lived in Germany for a few months with my Haribo loving hubby.

In every Germany grocery store, there was an amazing array of gummy candies. If you have not tasted "Wine Gummies" you are truly missing out. You may find yourself staring down an entire aisle of wild assortments of traditional gummy bears, gummy frogs, raspberry gummy, liquorish snails, tropifrutti, caterpillars, crazy dummies, smurfs, and my personal favorite, the Colorado assortment. And that barely scratches the surface. I started to love the unique, chewy fruit flavored treats. I indulged late in my pregnancy, and found I loved these gummy treats so much that I started to wonder if I could make a healthier version when I returned at home.

Why you should make your own gummy vitamins:

To my delight, it is not only possible, but simple to make gummy bears at home. Our gummy bear recipe uses only 100% fresh squeezed fruit juice, organic raw honey, grass fed gelatin. And since I was going to be making them from scratch (and being the maximalist that I am) I needed to do the "mom thing" and make them as healthy and beneficial as possible. Instinctively, I thought of a supplement to enhance them. I decided flavorless probiotics would be a great addition to these gummy vitamins. The benefits of probiotics are endless, but they are notoriously known for their gut and immunity health boosting properties.

what are probiotics:

Probiotics are supplements containing organisms that change the microflora of the host. These organisms are typically LactobacillusBifidobacterium, and Streptococcus species. They are able to predominate and prevail over potential pathogenic microorganisms in the human digestive tract, and are thought to produce metabolic byproducts that function as immune modulators. Study from AAFP. 


reasons to make probiotic gummy bears:

-They are simple to make

-they allow you to make a treat your family will love with all natural ingredients
-they're so fun!

Ingredients you need to make your own gummy bears:

Grass fed gelatin -Gelatin is a protein derived from collagen, and is known to promote health by improving immunity and digestive systems with it's combination of amino acids. This blend is abundant in protein. As an added bonus, It is also thought to improve the appearance of skin and hair. (Note: You could use pectin if you wanted a vegan option.)

Probitotics - These probiotic drops are tasteless, and natural soil and grass based organic probiotic strains. This brand claims to be the first ever certified organic liquid probiotic without harsh chemicals, fillers, and artifical ingredients. 

Raw honey - ( your favorite locally sourced brand ) honey is known for it's responsible antioxidants, antibacterial properties and antifungal power. Raw honey has shown immune-boosting

Tools you need to make your own probitoic gummy bears:

Gummy bear mold -

You can use any mold. We selected this one as it has 200 bears, and this recipe will yield enough for 200. You can cut quantities in half if you prefer to make less.

Tips for storing and enjoying your own gummy bears:

Because these are homemade with real fruit juice and without any preservatives, we store ours in an airtight container in the fridge and enjoy within 2 weeks.

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