Cooling lavender peppermint + aloe after sun bath soak

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Spent too much time in the sun? Make this homemade cooling lavender peppermint after sun bath soak using epsom salts, freshly harvested aloe, a nourishing oil of choice and essential oils. 

Happy weekend friends! Summer is officially here and since being unlocked after corona quarantine 2020, we are taking full advantage. We've been at the beach every day and one day in particular, we got a bit too much sun. The breeze on the sea is so wonderful and calming that we didn't realize we were out for too long. I got really red and needed something to help me cool down.

On top of daily beach trips, I have been working out HARD and my muscles are always a bit achy. In my mind, there isn't much that some sweat, essential oils and a relaxing bath can't fix. This bath was really exactly what I needed at the end of a long day. It provided an immediate cooling sensation from the peppermint oil, soothed my skin thanks to the aloe and nourishing oil, and relaxed me with the beautiful scent of lavender. Every household needs this on hand!

Going to the beach for the weekend or want to send this beautiful bath soak to a friend? I created a free printable graphic that you can print + share it with others. While I didn't have any to photograph myself, I know there are some adorable test tubes with cork tops on amazon that allow you to store and gift your bath soaks in a beautiful way. 

What's inside?

Epsom salt: 

Epsom salts should be in every house. They make a wonderful last-minute gift you can put together in minutes. They can be used to treat minor aches and pains by soothing tired muscles, and reduce swelling. I added a few dried lavender buds for additional scent and aesthetics. My bath soaks almost always have dried flowers of some sort!

Aloe Vera:

Here in Tunisia, we have aloe plants growing everywhere. Our front window boxes are filled with tropical aloe plants. If you don't have an aloe plant, get one immediately! It's so convenient to harvest some fresh for different topical purposes, and most notably - sunburns and wounds. Aloe vera is effective at treating sunburns thanks to aloin, which was a compound found to be responsible for the plant’s anti-inflammatory benefits. Aloe vera can also help to moisturize the skin and prevent the peeling that sometimes happens with sunburns. I love harvesting it at home because it's most effective when it's 100% natural pure aloe vera gel, vs a store-bought alternative. This way, we also don't contribute to our world's plastic waste problem. A study showed that store-bought aloe with less than 70% aloe is not effective against sunburn, so why risk it? Buy an aloe plant if you don't already have one! 

Lavender essential oil:

Lavender is almost always recommended as a natural remedy to treat burns. This amazing tool should be in every first aid kit! It has pain-relieving abilities, and assists in reducing inflammation. It's almost always added to a bath for it's calming properties and beautiful scent. 

Peppermint essential oil:

Peppermint was used for its cooling effects. It felt so amazing to get into a warm bath, yet feel the cool sensation of peppermint on my sunburned skin. Peppermint has been used and researched for years for topical pain management, and especially for burns. This study showed peppermint to be a natural relief for pain spasms, and effective at reducing inflammation. 

Nourishing oil:

I used argan oil to protect my skin and help alleviate my sunburn quickly. It also leaves my skin extra nourished and soft once I'm out of the bath!

Recommended products:

In this slider is all of the products I used to make this dreamy bath soak. Both lavender and peppermint oil can be found in the premium starter kit that I recommend to absolutely everyone! Read more about it here.

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Free download:

Want to send some happy mail?! Download + print this graphic on quality 5x7 cardstock and send it with your bath soak sample.


Epsom lavender soak

Epsom lavender soak

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Spent too much time in the sun? Make this homemade cooling lavender peppermint after sun bath soak using epsom salts, freshly harvested aloe, a nourishing oil of choice and essential oils. 


  • Two cups magnesium epsom salt
  • Two tablespoons freshly harvested aloe vera gel (or store bought 100% aloe vera gel)
  • 20 drops lavender essential oil
  • 20 drops peppermint essential oil
  • Two tablespoons Argan Oil


  1. Pour your epsom salts into a medium mixing bowl
  2. Harvest your aloe vera gel by slicing your aloe leaf down the center, and use a spoon to scoop out the gel into your bowl
  3. Add in your argan and essential oils
  4. Mix thoroughly
  5. Switch to an airtight storage container. I am using a mason jar with lid.


Because this is a 100% natural bath soak with freshly harvest aloe, I recommend using this within two weeks and keeping it stored in the fridge. It provides a further cooling sensation this way and remains most fresh.

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Enjoy this download and sharing this wonderful tub soak. I look forward to using it tonight after our beach trip today! If you make this recipe or any others, don't forget to tag me at #recipesandrituals on instagram so I can swoon and share your beautiful creations.

Peace + Love!