Candied Ginger - a diy homemade sugar body scrub exfoliant

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a gold + warming diy body scrub recipe to shake away winter skin

Spring is in full bloom. After months of cozy cover ups, you may find yourself outdoors, during golden hour, in a cheerful floral dress. The abundance of outdoor activities, and the reemergence of dresses and rompers are one of the most stellar parts of the warmer spring weather. Scrub away any dull winter skin with this golden crystalized scrub.

Sugar scrubs are the sweetest, elemental way to use your all natural ingredients from your kitchen to good use. I love to make my own with different oils, spices, sugar and salts, as a way to express creativity, as a fruitful expression of innovation. As the seasons change, so do the scents and ingredients used in our homemade household products.

This warming ginger is certainly a recipe I will revisit upon the winter holiday season. Scrubs are a gorgeous gift, and anyone with a crush on ginger will be more than pleased to accept this candied scrub. Placed in a frosted glass jar, with a bamboo top, like this one, it will not only stay fresh, but looks ornate as can be. Bamboo shoots emerge in the spring and early summer, and balances this ginger based recipe well.

In the transition into spring and summer, you may need to reflect upon and then revamp your skin care routine. Skin cells dehydrate at a more rapid rate during winter. By the time spring rolls around, your skin needs some extra love and care. By taking the time to exfoliate, you give your skin a change to allow for healthy replenishment. Exfoliation scrubs dead cells away, which allows healthy cells to develop. Once or twice a week in the bath, unwind and let go. I don't know about you, but warm baths are just as essential part of my relaxation during this time of year. I find myself shaving and manicuring more during the spring and summer, and there's no better place to do so, after a scrub in the bath.

Ground ginger was used in this sugar scrub recipe due to it's high antioxidant properties, and ability to even skin tone. It has a calming, healing scent, and provides a warming sensation, which allows for a aromatherapeutic and comforting bath or shower. Sugar was used due to it's grainy-ness, which allows for a perfect scrub base. Mixed with a nourishing oil, a lovely candied ginger creation is born.

With the temperature reaching the mid 80's degrees this week, and a chance to take our kids to a Japanese botanical garden, I found myself glowing, feeling lighthearted for the opportunity to wear a dress. I look forward to the many more opportunities the rest of the season. I hope this scrub makes you as enthused for the occasion!

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