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I'm so grateful you've found your way to my space here on the world wide web!

I'm Sarah Buckley, and this is where I love to share a combination of recipes + rituals, which promote wellness and insights into lower impact, intentional living.

This blog was inspired by motherhood and the desire to pass on certain values. I hope to inspire others to create a high vibe atmosphere and create a better tone in the home.

What I share here:


Recipe creation

I create simple, delicious easy to replicate recipes. I focus on keeping it simple, with health in mind - and love aestetically pleasing, mood boosting, snacks, meals, and treats.


Holistic beauty

Insight and recipes for environmental friendly self care using magical plant ingredients. It's all about natural, non toxic ingredients, and avoiding plastics in our home.


Smarter clean

I share real ingredient, endocrine friendly cleaning product swaps, without artificial fragrance or toxins. Better for you, your family, and so importantly - our home, planet earth.


Food photography

I offer photography services, with a 25% discount to ethical brands that are vegan or use eco friendly packaging. See my services and contact me for rates.


I'm Sarah

I'm mama and wife living in north Africa. Our family loves to travel, make things from scratch, our friday night movie tradition, and anything freshly baked. I'm a food photographer and stylist, digital content creator, and have a passion for health and making pretty things.

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